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The Boyle’d Pot 17/2/’17

A spring clean shows our paths in all their glory

In yet another sign of the close co operation and increased interest in our town by the local authority, Roscommon Co Co took to the streets this week to power wash the footpaths in Boyle. Pavements around the Crescent area got the once over and what a difference it makes. One could be forgiven for not previously noticing the beautiful paving slabs that lay underneath the year’s of tarnish and weathering. Let’s hope the remainder of our paths receive a similar spring clean over the next few weeks.


Town Team led Scattered Hotel plan being formaulated

Work contiues apace by Boyle Town Team on the formulation of a plan for the Scattered Hotel concept that is being organised, promoted and led by theTeam in conjunction with Roscommon Co Co. No final details have been published as yet on the concept until all information is readily available. The idea is not being seen as a “hotel for Boyle” but more of an option to deal with the lack of suitable accommodation in the town centre and to bring evening and night time footfall back to the middle of Boyle. When up and running, the Scattered Hotel idea will hopefully see people heading out to pubs and restaurants at night and shops by day at they exit their overnight accomodation in various buildings in the town centre. Boyle Town Team are the lead group on this project and are working closely with the local Chamber of Commerce and Roscommon Co Co to get the incentives in place to make the concept become a reality. It is one of a number of exciting projects that are in the pipeline for our town.


Dreaming of a day in Dublin

The historic journey continues for Boyle Celtic in the FAI Junior Cup with a trip south on the cards for the second weekend in March. The team are now only two games away from an appearance in the Aviva Stadium! Imagine a weekend in Dublin with Boyle Celtic playing in the Aviva Stadium – there would be some history made that weekend both on and off the field! Until then, the long journey south and Carrick United needs to be the focus of attention. It is important that the town shows support for the great achievement of this team. While a number of shops and businesses have put out their green and white flags and bunting, many more need to do so and get behind the lads in their quest for Cup glory.


Inconsiderate and ignorant parking in Boyle

While the debate on parking in Boyle continues and will probably continue when we are all pushing up the daisies in Assylinn, the fact remains that in certain parts of town the parking problem has more to do with filling spaces than looking for them. On St Patrick Street and Main Street there are plenty of spaces to be found every day. But despite this, one motorist took parking to a different level during the week. This person drove their 4×4 jeep straight up onto the wide part of the footpath outside the ATM at the Bank of Irelandon Main Street, parked their vehicle there and headed off into the bank. What makes the situation more ludicrious is the fact that Bank of Ireland provide a free car park meters away from where this person abandoned their vehicle. Ignorance and inconsideration have more to do with traffic and parking problems in Boyle than lack of space.


The lack of use of public transport

Recent polls here on show the irregular use of public transport links to and from our town. 58% of respondents said they never use Bus Eireann, 24% irregularly and 18% never use the bus at all. With the train, the survey presently shows 47% use it irregulary, 28% regularly and 25% never use the train. Articles here on this website in recent weeks have shown how price prohibitive rail travel can be, but unless we make good use of our public transport links we will be in danger of losing them or seeing the frequency of service decreased.


The availability of drugs in small towns like Boyle

Anyone who thinks there are no drugs in Boyle is very naive. The fact is, drugs are freely available in this town like every other town in rural and urban Ireland. On weekends it is now as common for certain young people in Boyle to smoke cannabis, take ecstasy or pills or on occasion cocaine as it is for others to have a bottle of beer. As parents we need to explain to our children the dangers of drugs. If you drink beer or spirits you know what you are getting. If you smoke cannabis or pop pills, you haven’t a clue what you are taking. This week at the Coroners Court in nearby Carrick on Shannon, the Deputy Coroner asked the question in relation to drugs and alcohol “When do we say enough is enough?”. The question arose after the court heard a 33 year old man who died in the town in July 2016 had evidence of cocaine and alcohol in his system. The Coroner said “It (the man’s death) shouldn’t have happened”. “Unfortunatley there was alcohol and drugs involved and if they were limited, we may not be here today”. Drugs are dangerous. Fact. Taking them mixed with alcohol as happens most weekends in rural Ireland is a lethal combination and should be avoided.


And finally….!

A man and his wife were having an argument in bed. After the husband had finally had enough, he jumped up and took a blanket to the couch.
The next day, the wife feeling badly about what happened, decided to buy her husband a gift. Since he was an avid golfer, she went to the pro shop at the club where he usually played golf. The wife talked with the pro, and he suggested a putter and showed her one of his finest.
“How much is it?” she asked.
“One-hundred and fifty euro,” he replied. She felt that was kind of expensive and told him so.
“But it comes with an inscription,” the pro said.
“What kind of inscription?” she asked.
“Whatever you wish,” he explained. “But, one of the old golfers’ favourites is: ‘Never Up, Never In’.”
“Oh, that will never do!” exclaimed the wife. “Sure that’s what started the argument in the first place.”

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