The Boyle’d Pot

The Boyle’d Pot 28/2/’20

Safety measures on new cycleway

While there has been months of behind the scenes work taking place on the Lough Key to Boyle cycleway, only now that it’s construction is causing disruption to motorists do some people realise it is a reality! Work is currently continuing on the Shilling Hill and Knocknashee section of the cycleway in advance of the two crossings of the N61. Recently some have queried the need to extend the path on the town side of the road at Knocknashee thus reducing the size of the carriageway. According to a spokesperson for the Council, this is a safety requirement to slow down traffic as they approach the soon to be constructed crossing. The road will be 6 meters in width which is ‘acceptable for two trucks to meet’. Once explained, one can understand the logic behind the extended curbline. With children crossing to the Parochial School and cyclists on the path, the last thing you need are vehicles speeding at that section.


Visiting restrictions at Sligo Hospital

While we are near equidistant from Sligo and Roscommon, Sligo University hospital is the medical facility many use from Boyle. If you have a family member or friend in Sligo Hospital at present, please be aware that visitor restrictions are currently in place. Management at the Hospital are requesting that members of the public do not visit due to a number of cases of diarrhoea and vomiting in the hospital. Grainne McCann, General Manager has said, “No visiting is allowed except for end of life situations and other exceptional circumstances as agreed with the ward manager in advance of visiting. To arrange a visit, please call the hospital on 071 9171111 and ask to be put through to the ward manager who will decide if a visit can be facilitated without compromising the welfare of the patients on the ward or the welfare of the visitors.”


Saving Boyle from major flooding

Most of Boyle is escaping the worst of the flood waters of the past few weeks. Granted the water is getting close to some houses on the outskirts of town and out around Lisserdrea but we are not affected here in town itself like they are over in Carrick and Leitrim village. The only sandbags currently visible in Boyle are at the entrance to the river at the Shambles area where the water has not even breached yet. Hopefully here in Boyle we have learned from planning mistakes made elsewhere and future development along the Boyle river and adjacent or on flood plains will meet strict criteria. This is the case for the Royal site in the centre of Boyle which is in an area referred to as a ‘flood zone’. While most people have not seen flooding here, that is not to say it will not happen in the future.This area was included in a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) that was carried out in 2015. Contrary to belief, the SFRA does not totally hinder development. Planning applications for development proposals occurring within the area referred to need to be accompanied by a detailed site specific Flood Risk Assessment, and proposals may be considered acceptable where certain things can be demonstrated, including that the development will not have adverse impact or impede access to a watercourse, floodplain or flood protection and management facilities, or increase the risk of flooding to other locations. Hopefully this SFRA will save Boyle from flooding when we are all up in Assylinn pushing up the daisies.


Supporting local during the storm season

Another weekend, another storm. This time it’s Storm Jorge which is due to make landfall Saturday morning with Met Eireann having issued a Status Yellow wind, rain, snow and ice warnings for Roscommon for Saturday and into Sunday. All these weather warnings and weekend storms are a disaster for business locally with people not venturing out of their houses. Please make a special effort to shop in Boyle where possible and support the retailers who are finding the pinch over this long winter.


Hedge Cutting along the rail line

This Sunday is the deadline for hedge cutting under the Wildlife Act 1976 (as Amended, 2000). Under the Act, hedges and hedgerows can not be cut between March 1st and August 31st each year. Cutting a hedge during this period is deemed to be detrimental to a wide variety of wildlife and is punishable by a court appearance and fine. Here in Boyle, Irish Rail have already undertaken a total eradication of blackthorn and whitethorn hedges along the line east of Boyle. The cutting of the hedges, down to their roots took place in early February within the allowed time frame. But what does not seem to matter to Irish Rail is that the destruction of these hedges, apart from destroying nests, is also taking away valuable sources of food for birds and other animals and that is regrettable.


And finally….!

A doctor and his wife were having a big argument over breakfast one morning.
As things got heated, the doctor shouted at his wife, “You aren’t that good in bed either!” and then he stormed out of the room and went to work.
A couple of hours later he was feeling guilty about what he’d said so he decided to call his wife to apologize.
There was a long delay before she finally answered. “What took you so long to answer?” asked the doctor.
“I was in bed,” replied his wife.
“What were you doing in bed at this time of the day?” he asked.
“Getting a second opinion.”

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