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The Boyle’d Pot 10/8/’18

Uncontrolled dogs in Boyle

The problem with uncontrolled dogs in Boyle has raised it’s head once again. While out walking in the Forest Park one evening last weekend, a viewer who contacted this website told of two large dogs running ahead of their owner and while not endangering the viewer, their barking and general behaviour left the person quite shaken. They could not report to uncontrolled dogs in the Visitor Centre as it was late in the evening and the Centre was closed. The viewer did chastise the dog owner who ignored her comments and just walked on. The issue of dogs running in the Park and indeed along the Marina will off their leash is a regular one. Apart from being against the rules of the Park, the sight of a large dog bounding towards you will out for a walk can be quite frightening. So dog owners, please ensure your dog is on a leash while he/she is in Lough Key Forest Park, at the Marina or in a public space.


Loads of goodwill for local festivals

And so Rock The Clock and Boyle Arts Festival are both over for another year. Many would say both events were probably among the most successful to date. While the weather this year was helpful, neither festival could have been a success without months of planning and organisation by a small group of people. Boyle Arts Festival has a committee of 8, while Rock the Clock has an organising committee of 3! Let’s hope the goodwill that is currently being felt around both festivals translates into assistance and that next year the Arts and Rock the Clock Festivals will be bigger and better than ever before as a result of more people joining either festival committee.


Frankie beats the drum from the Algarve

You have got to hand it to Boyle man Frankie Shanley aka ‘Frankie Beats’. Hot on the heels of recently being voted “Best Music Radio Show in the World” (Pop Category) on the MORA Radio Awards 2018, Frankie who is a daily presenter on Kiss FM Portugal, has this week been interviewed on RTE, Sky television and local radio (and this website) about the disastrous bush fires in the Algarve. Frankies pictures of the smoke affecting Albufeira have appeared on, and the RTE main evening news along with Frankie appearing on Sky News.


Miss Joan’s death is last link with Rockingham Estate

The death recently of Lady Joan Dunn has severed the last living link with the old Rockingham House and Estate. Joan was the eldest daughter of Sir Cecil Stafford King-Harmon. Miss Joan, as she was known at the time in Boyle, died in her 100th year in a nursing home in Shrewsbury, England. Miss Joan is survived by her daughter Rosemary, Sarah, Caroline and was predeceased by her daughter Mary and was interred in Odiham Cemetery, Hampshire on Wednesday, July 25th. Miss Joan’s daughter Rosemary Tindal lives in Co Donegal and often visits Lough Key Forest Park. While writing the foreword for ‘Rockingham – memories of a vanaised mansion’ that was published in 2007, Miss Joan said ‘my great grandchildren are already enjoying the tree canopy walk in the Park’. her father, Sir Cecil died aged 92 in February 1987 and was laid to rest in the family plot at Ardcarne Cemetery.


Happy birthday to Kilronan Castle

It is hard to believe but Kilronan Castle Hotel is ten years open this week. On Friday 8th August 2008, the refurbished Castle Tenison opened its doors to the public. An ambitious restoration project, led by the Hanly family had commenced many years earlier. The end result was a luxury castle, estate and spa on the shores of Lough Meelagh that now comprises 84 bed rooms, nationally acclaimed banqueting facilites and a luxurious spa. While we have no hotel, as yet, in Boyle we can claim that Kilronan Castle is our “local hotel” located as it is only 20 minutes “down the road” from Boyle.


And finally…..!

A wife came home late at night and quietly opened the door to her bedroom. From under the blanket she saw four legs instead of two. Feeling betrayed that her husband had cheated on her she reached for a baseball bat and started hitting the blanket as hard as she could.
Leaving the covered bodies groaning, she went to the kitchen to pour herself a large drink and found her husband there, reading a magazine.
He said, “Hi Darling, your parents have come to visit, so l let them stay in our bedroom. Did you say ‘Hello’?”

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