Viewer outlines his fear over closure

Dear Editor.

I have just read your article about Willow Grove which may close down.

My partner has been attending the facility for 13 years as she suffers from mental health problems and I fear for what will happen if  it closes.

It is not only a place for her to go where she receives the support and care that she needs but while she is there it gives me time to recharge my batteries and get around town to do shopping or meet other people.

I fear for her mental state of mind if there is no replacement facility in the area as this would mean that she has no support and no place to go.

She enjoys her time at the facility from cooking, growing veg and flowers in the poly tunnel, doing art and getting help in how to manage her mental health issues.

My partner has me to look after her, but I can not offer her what Willow Grove can but what about the people who use Willow Grove and have no loved ones or family to look after them?

Are the Western Health Board just going to say good luck and goodbye?

Once again it is the the vulnerable in society that have to suffer , it is a disgrace.

(Name and address with Editor)

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