Volunteers needed for this year’s ‘Night and Day’ Festival

The organisers of this summer’s Night and Day Festival in Boyle’s Lough Key Forest Park have put out the ‘Last call’ for volunteers for the weekend.

(If you have applied already you have an email that you need to reply to in order to confirm your place)


All volunteers will be required to purchase a “Volunteer Ticket” for €60.  This will be refunded on completion of your two shifts. Failure to complete both shifts will mean forfeiting your deposit and wrist band.

As a volunteer with Night and Day you are required to uphold all festival policies including equal rights, discouraging discrimination, and promoting inclusivity in all aspects of the events. You will also have to comply with festival policy regarding Child Protection, Health & Safety, and public conduct.

All volunteers are reminded at this stage that your role is to help us run the festival. We appreciate that there may be specific attractions you want to see over the festival weekend and will take this into consideration when scheduling shifts. We cannot guarantee that your requests will be met, but we will try!

If you are accepted as a volunteer, you will receive an acceptance notification once your form has been processed.

You will receive further information about training and shift times nearer to the festival date.

You have responsibility for arranging your own transport to and from the site.

Volunteer application forms available here

Night and Day Festival takes place in Lough key Forest park on June 28th-30th with more details available here

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