Want to talk about mental health?

Do you want to talk about mental health and stigma?

You are invited to a Trialogue Meeting in Boyle Library on Tuesday May 15th at 2pm.

The philosophy behind Trialogue is that mental health is everyone’s business, regardless of their background or experience.

Trialogue is aimed at people working in mental health, people who have mental health difficulties and anyone who cares about positive mental health.

Trialogue is a facilitated circle of conversations that offers people unique opportunities to freely and safely share their own experiences, stories or questions about mental health.

The open dialogue approach also offers people the opportunity to listen and to gain insight into the lived, personal experience of others.

Trialogue provides a neutral, supportive, non judgemental space to share unique stories, find solidarity and discover new complimentary perspectives, however Trialogue is not a support group or therapy session.

Topics are chosen by the group and change monthly.

For more information please contact Greg Clarke on 071 966 3081 or Paula Smith on 087 650 2589



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