Warning issued as deer ‘rutting’ season continues

Motorists around the general Lough Key area and along sections of the N4 have been advised to drive with caution as the deer ‘Rutting’ season takes place.

The Rutting Season occurs between October and December when male deer compete against each other to gain a female’s attention.

At this time of year, deer collisions peak as many of the animals cross roads seeking new territories. The highest risk of collisions is between sunset and midnight, and the hours shortly before and after sunrise.

A collision with a deer was reported on the N4 at Doon last weekend resulting in damage to the vehicle involved.

Deer signs are in place at locations along the N4 and side roads where the animals are known to be active and are likely to cross.

There are large concentrations of deer on the Curlieu Mountain, The Plains and in the Corrigeenroe and Knockvicar areas where motorists are advised to drive with caution.

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