31 Boyle Soldiers died in WW1

The recently released online record of soldiers killed during World War 1 contains the names of 31 soldiers from Boyle.

The digital archive contains details of 49,000 soldiers who died of injuries sustained during battle.

Those from Boyle are:

Thomas Bolas,

James Brennan

Michael Conlon

James Connor

Michael Connor

Michael Conroy

John Daly

John Dodd

William Dodd

Benjamin Dolan

Michael Durkin

Joseph Gallagher

Patrick Flaherty

Bartley Higgins

Joseph Higgins

Patrick Higgins

James Hinchie

Bernard Keane

Michael Keane

Joseph McGowan

Thomas McGrath

John Mullaney

John Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murray

James O Connor

James Reynolds (2)

Michael Scally

Martin Stokes

James Taggart

You can obtain further information on the 31 Boyle soldiers by following this link and entering Boyle, Co Roscommon in the search bar:

(pic: wikicommons)

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