Tidy Towns report for Boyle

Boyle increased it’s mark in the Tidy Towns competition, details of which were announced today.

The overall mark awarded to the town was 270 up 10 marks from the 260 achieved in 2013.

Buildings which received praise included Abbey House, Boles, John Ryans (sic) Cryan’s, King House, Scoil na nAingeal Naofa, Wynnes and Bridgestown Craft Shop.

Here is what the judges had to say:


 Community involvement and planning

Boyle is welcomed to the Tidy Towns competition for 2014. Thank you for your entry, map and work plan. Your

core committee of nine have built up wide community support that includes youth, many agencies and businesses.

This support whether it be sponsorship or in other forms of assistance is greatly welcomed. You are also fortunate

to have such dedicated workers working with the committee with on-going maintenance in the town. The Tidy

Towns competition has benefited the community giving them a focus and helping them to set a target and achieve

their goals which has greatly enhanced the town of Boyle. Long may this relationship continue.

Built environment and streetscape

There were many buildings that impressed the adjudicator in Boyle. Abbey House is a very impressive building with

modern glass structure at side. Abbey House B&B adjacent with its decorative fascia board also impressed. The

G.A.A. Park was also noted and admired. The superb bridge over the river Boyle at this entrance looked good.

Abbey Town House 1802 and Abbey Lodge also were superb. The Convent and grounds together with St. Josephs

Resource centre and St Josephs Boys School were admired. The Clock Tower which is an excellent timekeeper

and the Court House holds a prominent position in the town surrounded by lanterns looked well. One of the lanterns

is in need of repair and the grass growing on the roof of the Courthouse takes from this location. More planters

would also bring colour to this central area of the town. John Ryan on the corner boasts a lovely array of hanging

baskets. Boles of Boyle also looked superb. King House is another impressive landmark which facilitates many

activities was admired. Bridgestown Craft shop here is certainly worth a visit. Carrick road Girls School and Church

added their own charm to this area. Across from St. Josephs Hall many varying styles of houses formed a superb

streetscape. Wynne’s bar on Main Street was also admired. The Royal Hotel now closed which held such a

prominent position in the town so far does not take from the streetscape. Other unoccupied buildings were

freshened nicely by adding window displays.

Landscaping and open spaces

The mature trees are an important part of the town’s landscape. The pleasure gardens has some lovely

landscaping with well maintained trees and shrubs together with seats to sit and relax which make this a pleasure

garden by name and nature. There were many areas of landscaping around the town and this together with the

many hanging baskets brought superb colour to the streetscape. On the Sligo Road the long stone wall with Fuscia

hedging caught the adjudicator’s eye.

Wildlife, habitats and natural amenities

Boyle has many areas of natural habitats for wildlife most notably the river. Well done on your linkage with National

Parks and Wildlife. There are three key issues to be looked at in this category. Education – Knowledge of local

species and habitats. The local Schools should be involved in any study or survey that groups are encouraged to

carry out. Conservation – Maintenance of important wildlife areas and implementation of survey results.

Celebration – Celebrating the knowledge gained and ensuring that the community will have access to this by

displaying it on information boards. Communities should be encouraged to host events that celebrate and raise

 awareness on local species and habitats. This could be a tree planting day or wildflower walk or talk from an expert.

Assistance with this can be obtained from the local authority. This could be an annual event held during heritage

week or tree week.

Sustainable waste and resource management

Well done on your progress in this category. The Schools are certainly progressing with green flag status.

Recycling and reusing is also being addressed. Resource management in the areas of water energy and transport

is also encouraged. The local G.A.A. are minimising energy wasting. The Greenway project will address wider

resource efficiency in transport. Hopefully more people will continue to cycle. The Community shuttle bus will

reduce the number of cars. Rainwater harvesting can be used by the wider community and with water charges

being introduced savings in water and funds would be welcomed. Do look at areas of waste prevention reducing

the amount of waste produced in the first place particularly in the area of food. The local authorities prevention

network website have added a specific Tidy Towns page to this website providing practical tips and advice on

sustainable waste and resource management. The website address is . This

hopefully will be of benefit to groups.

Tidiness and litter control

Well done on your plan on controlling litter which appears to be working well. Regular litter picks involving the wider

community creates awareness on litter control. It is positive to note the youth are helping with clean ups.

Participation in County Litter League initiatives also encourages groups. Anti dog fouling awareness is more difficult

to monitor. You are dependant on dog owners to be responsible and aware that they are not the only ones walking

on the walking route. Some areas of tidiness need to be looked at such as signage throughout which needs

cleaning. Small amounts of graffiti were noticed on the Post box across from Wynnes. The railings at the train

station continue to look bad and need attention to improve this area.

 Residential streets and housing areas

Overall the presentation of houses throughout the town was good. There was a good mix of old style town houses

and the more modern styles of today. They all blended well together to create a superb streetscape. The houses

across from St. Josephs Hall caught the adjudicator’s eye. Some boundary walls were in need of attention.

Plunkett avenue resident association are to be commended on receiving a County Award for maintenance of their

area. Presenting awards for best estate encourages residents to maintain their area. All signage at estate

entrances should be bilingual if possible. Gardens were neat and colourful with hanging baskets and window boxes

adding a splash of colour.

Approach roads,streets and lanes

The approach roads had some superb entrance signs and landscaping. The Ballymote road sign however needs to

be trimmed around as the flowers cannot be seen. Nice mature trees and well trimmed grass were admired. Stone

walls were also admired. The bridges across the river Boyle are important structures but could be somehow

enhanced with perhaps containers of flowers or lanterns that would make them more prominent in the streetscape

of the town.






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