Boyle Parade today at 3.30pm

The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boyle today gets underway at 3.30pm from Carty’s Garage in Mocmoyne and will make it’s way down St. Patrick’s Street, along Bridge Street where the reviewing stand will be located and finishing on the Crescent.

Participants are asked to be at the start no later than 3.15pm

The parade will be led by the Moone Boy’s – David Rawle and Ian O Reilly along with country music singer Robert Mizzell.

There will be two marching bands in the Boyle parade – the Lisbeg Pipe Band and the Four Green Fields Band.

Well done to the organisers for keeping the Boyle parade for the day it should be held on – St. Patrick’s Day.

Please make a special effort to come out and attend what is shaping up to be one of the best parades in years, but if you can not attend, check in to later this evening for full pictorial coverage of the event.

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