Boyle prepares to look it’s festive best over Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and Boyle is getting ready to look it’s festive best.

According to the Christmas Lights Committee: “Over the last ten years we have relied entirely on volunteers to light up Boyle but this year we have taken the decision to hire the electrical team of David Connolly Electrical to erect and maintain the lights. Work has already started, and we are assured to know all requirements will be met with insurance and certification”.

“We are confident the town will be looking its brightest and best again this year and are appealing to all Businesses, and the community of Boyle to support the costs. We thank you all for your generosity over the years from the early days of the Good Friday Quizzes right through to the recent Go Fund me page, where you can donate here. Your contributions have enabled the purchase of lights, fixtures and fittings and ensured the lights shone brightly through some very inclement Christmas weather”.

“We appeal to everyone who can, to contribute something and all donations are greatly appreciated.
If you would rather donate via bank transfer, below are the necessary details IE07BORN99215620274601”.

“The Boyle Christmas Lights Team, which was a Chamber led initiative, are stepping down as a committee this year after lighting the town for over a decade and are hoping a new team will take responsibility for the lights in the future. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our many volunteers who braved the long cold wet nights in November and January to erect and dismantle the lights. Everyone gave their time voluntarily for the good of Boyle and our sincerest thanks to each and everyone of you”.

“Boyle is our town, and we ask for your continued support to Boyle Christmas Lights this year and look forward to a busy and bright Christmas 2023”.

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