Canicross Ireland night time event in Boyle

Canicross Ireland presents the third race of the 2023/24 season at Lough Key Forest Park, Boyle on Saturday February 10th commencing at 5pm and concluding at 10pm.

During the event, some trails in the Park will be restricted.

This event is a night race, so specific rules will apply.

Classes will include:
🐾 1 dog 5k canicross (men, women & masters)
🐾 2 dog 5k canicross
🐾 1 dog 3k canicross (championship & recreational)
🐾 3Km Recreational Wheeled Class
🐾 Bikejoring (1 dog – men & women)
🐾 1 dog scooter
🐾 2 dog scooter 3k
🐾 Juniors (11-16)
🐾 Junior Juniors (under 11)
🐾 Mini Paws

Canicross is the sport of cross country running with dogs. Originating in Europe as off-season training for the mushing (sledding) community, it has become popular as a stand-alone sport.

Canicross can be run with one or two dogs, always attached to the runner. The runner wears a waist belt, the dog a specifically designed harness, and the two are joined by a bungee cord or elastic line that reduces shock to both human and dog when the dog pulls.



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