Chamber statement on ‘Royal’ site

In a statement issued to on Thursday night, Boyle Chamber of Commerce say they are strongly in favour of having a Hotel re-instated on the site of the Royal Hotel and have made a submission to Roscommon Co Council stating this.

A Hotel is vital for Boyle from both an economic and social perspective and as the second largest town in the County we are disadvantaged by the lack of one.

As the drive continues, in conjunction with Roscommon Co Co, to regenerate Boyle, we need a hotel to compliment the attractions. Historically the Royal Hotel has been a landmark in the town and every effort should now be made to re-instate it on a site that is, and has always, been renowned as a Hotel location.

We urge all Businesses and individuals to lend your support and/or express any views you have, by simply visiting the link below and completing and submitting  same on or before 5pm Friday 17th November 2017

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