Concern expressed at Halloween anti social behaviour

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to contact in relation to the annual anti social behaviour that is the so called ‘Celebration of Halloween’ in Boyle.

Most of the ‘celebrations’ seem to emanate as always from the darkness of the Pleasure Grounds because of very poor lighting and no CCTV.

The throwing of extremely loud and very dangerous bangers onto Lower Marian road without a care for the damage or fear that it puts into the elderly, very young children, animals and car users has been on going now for a number of nights and will probably get worse tonight (Halloween night).

It must be a cultural thing now, the Gardai of course are over worked with more serious crime to contend with, but I think a foot patrol or two in the area of the Pleasure Grounds between 10pm to 12 midnight would help a lot.

Those who live near the Pleasure Grounds fear what tonight (Halloween night) will bring and only hope that our overstretched Gardai will see fit to patrol the Pleasure Grounds and ensure the anti social behaviour is kept to a minimum, if not eradicated altogether.

Yours sincerely,

A local resident 

(Name and address with Editor)

(Image shows the upgraded Pleasure Grounds)


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