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 Very enjoyable group spin out on Saturday turned out to be a fantastic morning, going steady the whole way around with half the group dropping off after coffee break in King House, and half completing the second loop about.
The plan is to have the loop in the middle around Boyle so cyclists can head for home if they wish, or complete the entire route. Plans will be to keep distance similar for 1 month increasing by 10km every month thereafter.
Great to see some capable cyclists back in the saddle. The club would encourage all to invest in full length mud-guards not alone to save the bum which gets wetter from the road than the sky, but the glasses, then the eyes (when the glasses come off) of the rider behind.
Wise investment also is a set of lights, rarely when we’re out will we need them, but it goes along way to portraying the cyclist in a good light (pardon the pun). And the mornings there is heavy fog.

Sunday also seen the regular club spin with some new faces joining in who are most welcome.

Turbo training Thursday night as usual and club spins next weekend.

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