‘Distressing’ removal of grave chips in Assylinn Cemetery

A viewer has contacted the website requesting us to highlight what has been described as a ‘despicable and distressing act’ that was carried out recently to a grave in Assylinn cemetery.

The viewer went to visit their spouses grave in the new cemetery last Sunday and noticed that some of the stone chips on the grave had been removed or were missing.

They thought nothing of it and spread out the chips to fill in the area.

They revisited the grave today Friday and to their amazement and shock, half of the white stone chips on the grave have been removed, as can be seen from the supplied photograph above.

It would seem that whoever, or whatever, took the stones picked some of the white chips and left the black ones behind, which would have taken some time.

If it was done by a human (as opposed to a Magpie which some viewers are suggesting), it would appear they only needed a small amount or intended to come back for the remaining white stones at a later stage.

The matter has been reported to Gardai in Boyle who can be contacted on 071 9664620.

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