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Welcome to “Gardening Tips and Advice” on Boyletoday.com, the official Ardcarne Garden Centre gardening column. Every Wednesday, the experts in your local Ardcarne Garden Centre will provide relevant and topical items of interest exclusively here on Boyletoday.com to help you get the best from your garden.

Great to do now…

Job of the week: Stake perennials

Make sure you put plant supports around taller perennials such as delphiniums to avoid wind damage. Also take precautions against slugs and snails.


  • Look out for pests and suckering shoots at ground level on roses

  • Prune spring-flowering shrubs such as deutzia

  • Cut back and tidy up spring-flowering perennials such as hellebores

Fruit & veg:

  • Buy in young veg plants as plugs to fill gaps in rows

  • Push canes in around the base of Jerusalem artichokes to give them support

  • Sow dwarf French beans to take over as climbing types run out of steam


  • Start feeding greenhouse plants such as tomatoes weekly with liquid tomato feed once flowers set

  • Ensure there is adequate ventilation every day. Arrange for someone to check this and watering daily if you are away.

Around the garden:

  • Scatter a slow-release feed such as chicken manure pellets among growing plants

  • Mulch mature plants with compost to keep moisture in and weeds out

  • Keep weeding and deadheading to maintain border and container displays

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