Memorial for those who died young

A representative committee has organized the erection of a seat to the memory of those who have died young from the locality and surrounding areas.

An ecumenical service in the Barrack Garden will take place on Saturday the 28th March at 3pm. Music will be provided by young musicians, many of whom will have personally known some of the deceased.

The memorial seat will be unveiled by Mrs Molly Fryer, representing those who have lost a loved one at a young age. A tree will be planted by Mrs Mobe Ogundiran.

All are invited back for refreshments to Oakport Haven – the respite Centre owned by the National Association of Housing for Visually Impaired (which is within 5 minute walking distance of the Barrack Garden).

The historic Barrack Garden has been developed by the Local Cootehall Community Development Group in conjunction with Roscommon County Council and Roscommon Leader Partnership.

The event is open to all. All indeed welcome.

Committee Members: May Moran, Martina Mc Quaid, Berni Mc Loughlin , Clive Gillespie, Carol Gillespie, and Brian Conlon.

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