New Book with Boyle connection

 A new book written by a man whose mother and grandparents were from Boyle has just been published.

“Jake Clancy” is a trilogy  based in Boyle but it could be any small town in Ireland and written by Phil Cone whose is a grandson of the late Phil & Mary Casey, Lowparks. Phil has many relations in and around Boyle.

 About the book:

Jake Clancy: Friend, lover, poet, wit, raconteur, autodidact, philosopher, and Government assassin. Jake is going through the motions, as much as any assassin can, living life on the edge, life through sarcasm and bar fly philosophy…
Jake has been set up and a “regular” job ends in him having to run. He ends up in the last place he wants to be -Boyle, his home town that he hasn’t been back to in eight years. A town gripped by recession , nothing is at is seems.
The one-liners in this story will draw you in, and make you smile wryly, while the richly overlaid intelligence and humour will keep you reading. There is a poignant melancholy to the character, which will keep more romantic-minded readers hooked, and the action is delivered in a high-octane thrill-a-minute style, which will satisfy even the lustiest appetites for action.
There’s a lyrical charm to the scenic descriptions of Ireland’s lush green countryside, rolling hills and bleak small towns. The action, perfectly described drama, razor sharp humour, knowing winks to works such as Hamlet and Ulysses, add up to a sense that this story is an epic of our time.
Ireland & US

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