Park Manager issues statement on opening ‘confusion’

‘Conflicting messages in the media this week which led to confusion and also a high level of activity’ has resulted in the Manager of Lough Key Forest Park, Louise Fitzpatrick issuing a statement on Friday evening.

In the statement Louise states that the Park itself is open but to ‘those lucky enough to live within 5k’.

‘This will only be permitted to continue, if we are all sensible and practice the correct ‘Physical Distancing’ of at least 2m apart’.

Statement from Louise Fitzpatrick, General Manager, Lough Key Forest Park:

I hope all of you are doing well and most importantly that you and your families are all healthy.
The Taoiseach having introduced the ‘Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business’ has indeed given us great hope for the reopening of Lough Key.
However, the possible reopening of the Visitor Centre, Attractions, Campsite and Café falls into later phases of July onwards so we need to be mindful that there is a little road ahead before this can materialize and a
lot can happen in between. The date could be pushed forward or backwards.
Phase 1 just commenced on May 18th, so we need to await and be patient for the outcome of this Phase and any further announcements and updates on this before we can confirm our reopening dates as it very much depends on external factors associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.
Please be assured we have all your booking enquiries on file and as soon as we know we are in a position to re-open; we will prioritise all enquiries and be in touch with you. But for now, our booking systems will remain closed and our waiting lists are now full.
We appreciate this may cause some frustration for you as you want to confirm your booking and look forward to that long-awaited holiday with us but we hope you understand it is equally as frustrating for us that we cannot confirm it just yet.
We are also currently working through the ‘Return to work safely protocols’ and these will also dictate what we can do and the level of business we can operate.
We hope that this situation will be temporary and that Lough Key can return to ‘new’ normal operations in the near future but the safety of you, our customers and our staff will be paramount in any decisions going forward.
Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough to live within 5k of Lough Key, we are heartened to see that our beautiful park and trails are now open to the public, so you can enjoy your walk in the fresh air and stunning
woodland surrounds. However, this will only be permitted to continue, if we are all sensible and practice the correct ‘Physical Distancing’ of at least 2mtrs apart.
Our car park barrier will remain open and we have 400 parking spaces so we are encouraging you to please avail of all the car park bays available to you and park away from each other. Start the ‘Social Distancing’
from your car.
Again, we will keep you updated with news from us and we cannot wait to welcome you all back to us again.
Sending positivity to you all from us MIND YOURSELVES, LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER, STAY SAFE and practice PHYSICAL DISTANCING.

Stay Safe and Best Regards,

Louise Fitzpatrick

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