Pilates classes start in Boyle today

Stott Pilates

Taking you through a sequence of exercise designed to stabilise and strengthen the muscles of the core, improve joint mobility, balance, flexibility and enhance wellbeing
Classes starting Wednesday 7th September 7pm – 8pm

Total Body Tabata

A high-intensity training workout featuring exercises that last 4minutes. Tabata intervals are both challenging and fun and will enhance the overall benefits you get from training, from improving aerobic and anaerobic systems,to fat loss and strength development. It’s fast, effective, no choreography to remember and appeals to both men and women. Created with all fitness levels in mind.
Classes starting Wednesday September 7th from 8.10pm – 9.10pm

Pilates Sport

A full body workout athletes find beneficial for sports conditioning and to build a strong injury-resistant core. Providing maximum challenge and movement variety to an intermediate level workout. Using exercises that challenge upper and lower body strength, core stability, balance and control.
Classes starting Thursday morning 8th September from 7am – 8am

For more information on the above or to book please contact Ann 086 3088873

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