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The Boyle’d Pot 10/1/14

Financial Battle

Nice tweet during the week from Boyle Credit Union which read “Don’t want to transact your business with a machine?- Like your query dealt with by a real person? – Talk to BCU – real people talking to you”.  This is obviously a reference to Bank of Ireland- the only other major financial institution in the town where there is a big push to use a machine to make lodgements and where, like in Banks all over Ireland today, a crazy situation has developed – you could end up queuing for an hour or more to give them your money! It is not that many years ago when we had three Banks in Boyle, all vying for your business with a welcoming smile. Now there is only one Bank in the town but it looks like the Credit Union are on the ball and using the “progress” in Bank of Ireland to their benefit – well done!


The subject of roundabouts and in particular the roundabout at the Shilling Hill has been discussed here previously. One reader of boyletoday.com has contacted us to mention another problem at this roundabout whereby drivers do not stop but come up slowly to the roundabout and glance left or right while still moving hoping nothing is coming so they do not have to stop their vehicle. This is indeed a dangerous move and one we are happy to highlight in the Boyle’d Pot.

IDA and Boyle

It was reported during the week that the IDA is to build new regional manufacturing bases in areas where the private sector is unable to provide the facilities needed to attract investment from foreign companies. Doubtful there will be any built in Boyle as we have plenty of empty facilities here at present, but one wonders do the IDA even know where Boyle is, when were they last on an official visit to our town and are they aware of what’s on offer for foreign companies. We have many fine premises ready for industry including the old Green Isle factory, we have scenery as good as Killarney and are easily accessible being 2 hours from Dublin and 40 mins from Knock Airport but we do not appear to be shouting loud enough at the powers that be. Remember the old saying – ” A quiet priest never got a parish”….

What is there to do?

Over the Christmas a group of young people in a bar in Boyle were overheard saying “sure there’s nothing to do in Boyle at least not for the young people”. That conversation could have taken place at any time in the last 4o years in any rural town in Ireland. Most young people think the same -that there is nothing in their town but if they took time to study what’s on offer they might eat their words. In Boyle we have many active clubs including GAA, Soccer, Cycling, Walking, Badminton, Basketball, Athletics, Camera along with Community Games, Fishing (we even have 2 clubs),  Scouts, Musicals, Singing to name but a few – in fact for many, there is too much to do. The trick is to get involved and once you join one club you will make new friends and end up joining others.

Boyle in the USA

Well done those behind the iniative (as announced exclusively here on Boyletoday.com) to start a “Boyle Association” in New York/New Jersey. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, it seems there are those intent on seeing the grouping does not materialise with the email contact address reportedly being hacked and attempts made to disable it. We understand investigations are well advanced to obtain the IP address of the culprit, but don’t fear – keep sending your names to [email protected]. Pleases also tell any family from Boyle living in New York/New Jersey about the grouping who plan to network and socialise in the Big Apple.

And finally….

An old man, a new resident at a nursing home, is sitting in a chair.
He begins to lean over to the left, and in a moment a nearby nurse steps up and straightens him up.
Shortly after, he begins to lean to the right, and another nurse promptly straightens him up again.
A minute or two later, he begins again to lean to the left, but again a nurse quickly pushes him upright.
Just then, the man’s daughter arrives for a visit.
‘How are you settling in, Dad?’ she asks.
‘Not bad,’ said the old man. ‘But they’re pretty strict. They won’t even let you fart.

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