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The Boyle’d Pot 14/12/’18

Boyle’s newly trained Ambassadors

Last week a number of people successfully completed a month long Customer Care Course in Boyle. The course was organised by Galway Roscommon Educational Training Board in conjunction with Boyle Town Team, Una Bhan Tourism and Boyle Family Resource Centre. Along with receiving accreditation in Manual Handling and HACCP, the participants were  versed in customer communication and interaction. Included also in the course were familiarisation tours of Boyle Abbey, King House and Lough Key Forest Park and an inspirational talk by Justina Gavin from Drumanilra Farm Kitchen on their exciting future plans and why they chose Boyle in which to locate and invest. The group were also briefed on Boyle 2040 and the opportunities it will present for the town in the future. As a result of the course, we now have a number of trained ‘Ambassadors for Boyle’ who are ready for employment in the tourism and service industries as the opportunities present here in Boyle.


Don’t abuse our free parking

As we approach the last week before Christmas, the town will hopefully get that bit busier with shoppers and visitors. And with that should come an increase in cars and associated parking. Here in Boyle we are very lucky to have three free car parks to use – one off Green Street/St. Patrick Street, another on the Crescent and one off Shop Street. In addition, on street parking is also free to use but let’s not abuse it this Christmas. If you want to get to a shop, use the off street car parks where possible and not put on your ‘I can park anywhere lights’ ie double flashers, and abandon your car. This is most evident in Main Street and causes unnecessary traffic jams.


Changes to refuse collection in Boyle

Those who use Barna Recycling for their weekly refuse collection in Boyle should note their Christmas arrangements. As Christmas Day falls on Tuesday this year, Barna has advised that that day’s collection will instead take place on Saturday December 22nd. As New Year’s day falls also on a Tuesday, that week’s collection will take place on Saturday December 29th.


Garda Station opening hours

It was encouraging to hear Chief Superintendent Tony Healy say at Wednesday night’s Joint Policing Committee (JPC) meeting in Roscommon that he would look at the opening hours of Boyle Garda Station. Previous representations to the JPC, and now retired Chief Superintendent Padraig Rattigan, has succeeded in getting the hours rearranged and an Inspector appointed in Boyle. While the new Garda boss said he would sit down with concerned locals to discuss the hours, one wonders is there really an appetite from the community here in Boyle to extend or alter the hours? When the station lost it’s 24 hour status and became a sub station of Castlerea, the silence from the town was deafening. Everyone gave out about the situation but no one did anything – except one or two. While there is still a significant Garda presence in Boyle, being a sub station of Castlerea downgrades Boyle. In addition, having to get through by phone to Castlerea station when Boyle is closed is not acceptable and can lead to frustration as the Garda on the other end of the line may not always know local townlands etc in the Boyle area.


Worthy collection takes place this Weekend

This coming weekend the annual St. Vincent de Paul collection will be taken up at the doors of St. Joseph’s Church. Unfortunately, the prosperity that is evident on the east coast has not fully hit Boyle just yet and those who donated to this collection in previous years could as easily be on the receiving end of this year’s collection. The demands on the Boyle branch of the organisation are growing so it would be great if you could remember those less fortunate in our community at this time of year and give generously this Saturday and Sunday.


Part 8 goes through without objection

As expected the Part 8 planning for the Royal development in Boyle was passed by the Municipal Councillors during the week. What is most interesting in the process is the fact that it passed through the various stages without one objection being submitted. There were one or two observations from state bodies but no objections. That goes to show that we are living in a different era now in Boyle and not in the past when objections were rife. And to continue to progress we have to move forward and stop living in the past and going back over old ground and events that are best put to bed.
Quietly and without publicity, work is continuing every day behind the scenes her in Boyle by a number of people to ensure all the pieces are in place to get our town back on track. Roll on 2019.


And finally….!

A grizzly bear walks into a bar and the barman asks ‘What will you have?’
‘A gin’ replies the bear.
The barman walks off and comes back with a gin and puts it down in front of him.
‘…and tonic.’ finishes the bear.
‘What’s with the big pause?’ asks the barman.
The bear looks down and says ‘I don’t know, my Dad had them too.’

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