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The Boyle’d Pot 28/3/14

Dig Deep for Daffodil Day

Today is Daffodil Day and thankfully this year the weather looks a lot more promising than the conditions the collectors faced in 2013. Boyle has always been generous when it comes to supporting events like Daffodil Day so please dig deep today and give generously to those out collecting in support of the Irish Cancer Society.


The Second Gate of Rockingham

It’s great to see movement on the suggestion in this blog last week that the refurbishment of the second gate of Rockingham should come from within Boyle and not be waiting for state bodies to do it for us. To move forward, there are those in Boyle who need to put the past behind them and stop apportioning blame on others and get on with progressing this and other items around town. The second gate of Rockingham is included in the list of Protected Structures in the county and any suggestion that it will be knocked or otherwise is scaremongering. We have to accept it’s redevelopment will only come from ourselves, and only when diplomatic discussions take place between the relevant bodies and local groupings. Negative comment and the playing the blame game will only cause division and hinder progress.


Big Game in Abbey Park

The Abbey Park plays host to an inter county minor football game this Saturday evening when Roscommon take on neighbours Sligo with a 5 pm throw in. There are many Boyle links to this team including it’s manager Fergal O’Donnell and local player Evan McGrath. Unfortunately we do not get many inter county games in the magnificent surroundings of the ‘Park so it would be great if a large local support came out tomorrow evening to shout Roscommon to victory.


St. Patrick’s Well

A photograph of St. Patrick’s Well in Termon caused much discussion and comment when it appeared on this websites facebook page recently. As children, many of us were told St. Patrick’s knee prints were visible at the well. They weren’t visible when the photograph was taken on the 16th of this month, but maybe that was because we were looking in the wrong place! Tradition has it that the knee prints are on a seat like stone where the water from the well enters the Boyle river and not at the well itself. It is also said that years ago there was a pipe running along the river to a tap on the wall as one enters The Lawn from Bridge Street giving an endless supply of fresh spring water. In later years the tap was connected to the town supply.


Boyle Garda Station and the Phone Tapping

The current news concerning the recording of the telephone calls from 26 Garda Divisional Headquarters is causing much disquiet nationally. Many have asked if Boyle Garda Station is included in the 26 but it is not believed to be, as Boyle station was a District Headquarters. Roscommon is the Divisional Headquarters. Boyle Garda Station is no longer a District HQ but is now a sub district of Castlerea since the recent amalgamation of the two. On the subject of Boyle Garda Station, the outcome of the review that was due in January as outlined by Inspector Jones at a meeting of the local Joint Policing Committee in November has still not been published. Is this seen as good or bad news for the future of Boyle Garda Station?


And Finally….!

An elderly man lay dying in his bed. While suffering agonies on his way to his final moment, he suddenly smells the aroma of his favourite scones wafting up the stairs.

He gathered his remaining strength, and lifted himself from the bed.
Leaning on the wall, he slowly made his way out of the bedroom, gripping the wall; he slowly makes it to the kitchen.

There, piled on a tray are his favourite scones.
Was it heaven? Or was it one final act of love from his devoted wife of sixty years, seeing to it that he left this world a happy man?

Mustering one great final effort, he threw himself towards the table, landing on his knees in rumpled posture.

His aged and withered hand trembled towards a scone at the edge of the
table, when suddenly his wife smacked it with a wooden spoon…

“Feck off she said………….They’re for the funeral”






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