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The Boyle’d Pot 3/4/15

Happiness tinged with a hint of jealousy

If the truth be known, there is a small bit of jealousy among some from Boyle this week at the news that Ballymahon in Co. Longford has been chosen by Center Parcs UK as the location for a €100m holiday resort park. There have been many false dawns in our town over the years in relation to similar developments. Indeed Center Parcs was first mentioned for Boyle many years ago by a certain individual who later absconded to England after leading us all on a fantasy road to nowhere. Then came the Ed Sheerin led project and in recent years the Newfound Consortium plans. Objections put paid to planning permission being granted for all of these and Boyle, in the view of many, lost out. Now it’s Ballymahon’s chance and while thoughts wander back as to what a development like this could have done for our town, let’s hope their town and area gets the go ahead and that they prosper by the announcement.


Good Friday and the hot cross buns

Good Friday is a strange type of day. It is a holiday for some and a working day for others. And next year could be even stranger still. This Good Friday may be the last year that bars are closed to the public, which is inevitable in this “modern Ireland”. Another tradition associated with Good Friday is the purchase of hot cross buns. Certain towns folk of an older generation will recall a time when the only place you could get “real” hot cross buns was in Doherty’s Bakery on Bridge St., close to where the charity shop is now located. Indeed, you had to queue on a Good Friday morning to await the arrival of the trays of fresh buns from Doherty’s Bakery in Carrick to their Boyle outlet if you were to get your quota. Those buns were the real McCoy and tasted totally different to the instant ones that are available everywhere nowadays.


Garda Station hours – Who cares?

From this Monday, Boyle Garda Station will only on a reduced hours basis each day and it seems for the majority of the public in Boyle, it doesn’t really matter. It was announced first here on Boyletoday.com last Tuesday that no member of the public or organisation, apart from the Chamber of Commerce and a local representative, has approached the authorities with their concerns. Following the Chamber meeting, certain assurances were given by the  Superintendent, but realistically, the assurances are nothing more than we know and expect already. Surely, there was never a concern that we would not have a Garda Car based in Boyle and is it not a requirement to have a sergeant over every unit?  No matter what official or local spin is put on the story, the reduction in hours at the Garda Station is not good for Boyle and mark these words – the town will suffer. What is also not good for Boyle and is as worrying, is the lack of action or comment by those who will be most affected by the move – the general public.


Busy Boyle for Easter weekend

Easter weekend is always a busy one around Boyle and this year will hopefully be no exception. The annual Pike Angling Festival always draws a large crowd, many whom overnight in our B&B’s and visit the restaurants and bars during their stay. It is heartening to see that the Caravan and Camping facility in Rockingham is near full with room only for tents since last Sunday! There is a full programme of events in the Park over Easter, King House is open to the public and there is plenty happening in the town also. And with a welcome break in the weather and sunshine on the way it looks like it wil be a great Easter weekend in Boyle.


And Finally….!

A family were having dinner one day for both sides of their entire family and everyone was encouraged to bring all their children as well. During dinner, four-year-old Mary stared at her aunt while sitting across from her.

The girl could hardly eat her food for staring.

The aunt checked her shirt for spots, felt her face for food, patted her hair in place but nothing stopped little Mary from staring.

The aunt tried her best to just ignore Mary but finally it was too much for her. Inquisitively she asked her, “Why are you staring at me?”

Everyone at the table had noticed her behavior and the table went quiet waiting for her response.

Little Mary turned to her aunt and  said, “Ah I’m just waiting to see how you drink like a fish”

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