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The Boyle’d Pot 7//7/’17

Making Boyle great again

The fall out from the boundary commission recommendation to move Boyle and parts of North Roscommon into a new Sligo Leitrim constituency continues. Going by the the poll here on, it would seem that 60% of those who responded are not happy to see the move take place. The recommendation has also given the print media something to fill their pages with as we approach the “silly season”. A heading in one local newspaper read ” Goodbye West Cavan, hello North Roscommon”. Another story used the proposed Food Bank in Boyle for an opportunity to publish the heading “New Sligo Constituency to get Food Bank”.  While in yet another local newspaper it was disheartening to see local people knocking their home town when asked about the move, with comments like “Boyle is a dying town” and “there’s not much going on here in Boyle”. Obviously these people have blinkered vision in relation to all that is happening in Boyle and have used the opportunity of the constituency change to make their views known. Perhaps if those who feel there is “not much going on” or who feel that the town is “dying” made some constructive suggestions and assisted in the efforts to make Boyle great again, then it would be of more benefit.


Local Link Bus is of immense benefit

The Local Link bus service to and from Roscommon and around the town of Boyle is totally under utilised. It is a great facility to have and one that should be used more often by the public. The Lough Key link of the service comes into it’s own during the Arts Festival and during the month’s of July and August when visitors to the Park travel to the town for events, food, shopping  and socialising. The recent extension of the service in Arigna has met with great welcome by locals in that area. The evening and night time service takes in the Arigna Mountain area including the pub, shops and Masses at Keadue and Ballyfarnon,. The bus service commences at 6pm and returns at approximately 11pm. Here in Boyle we need to use the service more to keep it in existence.


John would have been proud

Last Sunday’s John Brehony Memorial Honda 50 Run was a spectacular sight as the bikes and their riders stopped off at the Motor Works in Boyle (or Vincent McDonagh’s as those from the north of the county refer to the filling station). The late John is fondly remembered here in Boyle as a bus driver for McKenna’s, where he endeared himself to so many people. While billed as a Honda 50 run, there were many bigger bikes in attendance also, which was remarked on by popular local hackney driver Eamon Regan as he passed the cavalcade saying “The Honda 50 seems to have got bigger since my time”! Later on Sunday evening the craic was mighty in the Mayfly Inn as Francis Candon entertained the crowd before the now traditional tug o war competition took place on the road outside! Those in attendance could not but think of how John, who was so nice to so many people,  would have been delighted at the turn out in his memory.


Painting and flowers brightening the town

Many business premises and private dwellings in Boyle have or are presently undergoing repainting which is to be welcomed. In addition, hanging baskets and floral displays have been erected outside shops and buildings, bringing some beautiful colour to the town. Add on the highly acclaimed flower display on the Crescent and flowers on the street poles and Boyle is on target to hopefully impress the Tidy Towns judges who will visit the town shortly.


Restaurant opening hours

With the Arts Festival now only a few short weeks away now is the time for our restaurants to plan for the influx of people that the Arts traditionally brings. In a recent Boyle’d Pot blog, the idea of having a rota system in place for restaurants to remain open early in the week was mentioned and received agreement from many viewers. As we approach Arts week, it is imperative we have a choice of restaurants available for our visitors each evening from July 20th to July 30th at a minimum. In addition, the restaurants need to stay open until at least 9pm and if one feels they have to close on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, then they should display on their window a list of other restaurants that are open. We have been complimented here in Boyle in recent months on the way the town is pulling together. Hopefully the important food sector will build on this and assist each other in putting Boyle on the culinary map.


Positive endorsements of Boyle

Brendan Glesson’s positive comments on Boyle and the general area in last Saturday’s Guardian newspaper and published here on on Wednesday can do so much for the tourism in the the area. The article was accompanied by a photograph of the iconic McDermott’s Castle on Lough Key which in itself is a magical image for those who would like to visit the town. The said article was shared over 1000 times from The Guardian website and could have reached 500,00 readers in the newspaper. Testimonials from some of the famous people who have made Boyle their home or who holiday in the area should be included in any marketing material that is produced.


And finally….!

An elderly woman was enjoying a good game of Bridge with her girlfriends one evening. “Oh, no! I have to rush home and fix dinner for my husband! He’s going to really be ticked if it’s not ready on time!” she exclaimed suddenly.
When she got home, she realised that she didn’t have enough time to go to the supermarket, and all she had in the cupboard was a wilted lettuce leaf, an egg, and a can of cat food. In a panic, she opened the can of cat food, stirred in the egg, and garnished it with the lettuce leaf just as her husband pulled up.
She greeted her husband and then watched in horror as he sat down to his dinner. To her surprise, the husband really enjoyed his dinner. “Darling, this is the best dinner you have made for me in forty years of marriage. You can make this for me any old day.”
Needless to say, every Bridge night from then on, the woman made her husband the same dish. She told her Bridge cronies about it and they were all horrified.
“You’re going to kill him!” they exclaimed.
Two months later, her husband died.
The women were sitting around the table playing Bridge when one of the cronies said, “You killed him! We told you that feeding him that cat food every week would do him in! How can you just sit there so calmly and play Bridge, knowing you murdered your husband?”
The wife stoically replied, “I didn’t kill him. He fell off the mantel piece while he was cleaning himself.”


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