The Penny is Spent on Boyle Loo

It looks like the penny is finally spent on the controversial public toilet at the entrance to Shop Street car park.

Workmen removed the public convenience on Wednesday and began to fill in the footprint where it once stood.

The futuristic looking toilet had been the subject of much criticism when it was initially installed and it’s running cost raised many queries and debate.

While the expenditure incurred in running this particular toilet is not known, media reports in January revealed that Wicklow County Council were paying €39,000 per annum to operate a similar toilet and Ballina Town Council were informed back in 2010 that the purchase of a self-cleaning unisex public toilet unit would cost in the region of €100,000 with annual maintainence costs estimated to come in at a further €25,000. photograph shows the vacant space where the toilet was located.

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