1916 – 2016 events in Boyle

In preparation for the Centenary Year, a committee formed in 2015 to connect with family members of the Old IRA (Boyle area) at home and abroad. People were invited to share stories, information and memorabilia in preparation for the commemoration and recognition of their family’s part in the movement for Independence 1914-1922. This happened in parallel with Barry Feely’s research for his new book as he prepared to tell the story of the Old IRA in Boyle, including the prominent role of his own father and uncle.

Following a successful funding application to County Roscommon 2016 Centenary Programme, the Old IRA Commemorative Committee will host a a number of events this Easter.

For the Record is a commemorative exhibition of photographs, archival documents and memorabilia of Boyle Old IRA Members 1914 – 1922. The exhibition will be opened by Matt Molloy in King House, Boyle, Co Roscommon on Easter Saturday 26 March 2016 at 3pm and runs until Saturday 2 April 2016. Molloy’s father had a daring escape from the Boyle Military Barracks in 1921.

A ceremonial gathering will be observed as volunteers’ relatives attend 11.30am mass on Easter Sunday wearing their family member’s Old IRA medal.

They Dared to Challenge in the Garrison Town of Boyle, the associated research publication by Barry Feely will be launched at King House on Friday 1 April at 8pm.

The book is a fascinating, highly detailed account of the revolutionary period (1914 – 1922) with photographs and drawings depicting many of the key events. From archival sources, personal contacts and unrivalled local knowledge, Barry has put together a unique record of events in Boyle during a crucial period in Irish history.

This and all events are detailed in the Roscommon 2016 Centenary Programme publication and the national website
Further Information: Rhona McGrath
[email protected] | 086 818 7929


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