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Advice issued in light of ‘dramatic’ increase in Covid numbers

Health Services are advising on the importance of practising public health behaviours in light of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in the North West.

Dr Anthony Breslin, Director of Public Health, HSE North West said, “Numbers are at an upward trend at the moment. People know what they have to do in terms of public health measures. They just need to keep doing it. I’d ask everyone to stay safe and be sensible.

“I’d once again urge people not to congregate in large numbers, to observe social distancing and to continue good handwashing practices.”

Tony Canavan, CEO of the Saolta Hospital Group said, “It is clear that we are now on the upward curve of the fourth wave of COVID-19 infection in this country. We don’t yet know how many people will get seriously ill and will require hospital care or treatment in an Intensive Care Unit. A small percentage of all people with COVID-19 will require hospital care but as the number of cases in the community increases, this small percentage translates into a larger number of patients needing hospitalisation. Even before we see the impact of the fourth wave on our hospitals, we have record numbers of people attending the Emergency Departments, many of whom need to be admitted to hospital for ongoing treatment. We are seeing a level of activity normally not seen until December and January.

“The increase in COVID-19 cases in the community is a great concern and I would like to appeal to the public to stay vigilant and help halt the spread of the virus in the community by following public health advice in relation to wearing masks and keeping social distance”.

John Hayes, Chief Officer, CHO Area 1 said, “The Delta variant is highly infectious and is circulating in our communities. Now more than ever, with restrictions easing we need to be extremely vigilant and not to let our guard down in terms of Public Health measures; it is vital that we do so to protect our loved ones and vulnerable people including those not yet vaccinated”.

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