Belgian student seeks host family in Boyle

A Belgian student who will spend 6th year in Abbey College in Boyle is seeking a local host family.

In an email to, the student said: “My name is Yanis Lahrach, I am from Belgium and I am 17. Currently living and studying in my own country. Next academic year, (2020/21) I plan on moving to Ireland to improve my English and take advantage of the Irish culture. I will pass my 6th year in your pretty town. I saw that, few years ago, you posted a message to find a host family for Spanish student who went to school in your town. So, I wonder if you could post a message to help me to find a host family? It would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much for your time and consideration”.

If you would like to host Yanis please email him on [email protected]


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