‘Boyle can benefit’ says Feighan

Senator Frank Feighan has said that Boyle and other towns and villages can benefit from the newly launched Town and Village Renewal Scheme for Rural Ireland, which aims to revitalise eight towns and villages across the county.

“This fund is available to Local Authorities to support the revitalisation of rural towns and villages across Ireland. In total, €380,000 will be available to County Roscommon and I urge the County Council to apply for the full allocation of funds available. This will ensure that communities and businesses in towns like Boyle can benefit fully from this initiative.

“Roscommon County Council can apply for grants under this scheme for up to 8 separate town/village projects and I do hope Boyle will be among the beneficiaries. The council will need to submit outline plans to the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs in September for approval.

“The funding available to Roscommon County Council is designed to meet up to 85% of the total cost of each project. The Council will then be required to partner with local businesses and local communities to develop and implement ideas that can make a real and lasting impact in revitalising our local rural towns and villages.

“The funding can be used to increase the attractiveness of a town or village as a local commercial and social centre, and increase its sustainability as a place in which to live and work. It will help to enhance the local environment and amenity in the interests of residents, businesses and visitors. It could also be used to enhance the culture and local heritage assets of the town/village and promote tourism. Another potential use for the fund is to tackle minor physical infrastructural deficits and land assembly issues.”

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