Boyle man leads NYC ‘Parade’

In the early hours of St Patrick’s Day, a group of approx. 10 Parade committee members (observing social distancing) proudly marched, with a small escort from the “Fighting 69th Regiment of New York, led by Regimental Piper Joe Brady, from 26th Street to St Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan to preserve the proud 259 year tradition of the NYC Saint Patrick’s Day Parade marching on the streets of New York City, every year since 1762.

Leading the symbolic New York City St. Patrick’s Day with the Parade’s banner were Malachy McAllister Co Tyrone, Sean Lane Co Galway and Hilary Beirne from Boyle, Co Roscommon.

Following the ‘parade’ Boyle man Hilary Beirne said: We are proud to say, we had a St Patrick’s Day parade March 17th in NYC, small but a parade nonetheless.

We are proud to have been there, doing what we do for all New Yorkers, ensuring the City and the community puts its best foot forward in these difficult times.
I want to express our appreciation to City and State governments for their input, as well as the police department for the escort.
I particularly want to thank the C.O. of the 69th Regiment and those who marched with us!
We marched from the 69th regiment armory at 26th Street to St Patrick’s Cathedral for a blessing and then to the end of the parade route at 82nd Street, thereby preserving a time-honored New York tradition, that is the Parade marching on the streets of New York City every year since 1762.
“The tradition of marching on the streets of New York for 259 years is still intact!!!!”
(Hilary is pictured right of pic and below left)

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