Drumanilra in BurgerFest 2018 Week

Local restaurant Drumanilra Farm Kitchen are participating in the first national burger festival which will take place between 22nd and 29 January.

BurgerFest 2018 is going to “celebrate the humble burger” in over 300 pubs, hotels, restaurants, cafés and fast food joints across Ireland.

This week Drumanilra Farm Kitchen be offering a special burger menu featuring a different burger for each day of the eight-day festival which concludes with a competition to determine the best burger in Ireland and each county.

Could Boyle’s own Drumanilra Double Dexter Burger be in with a chance?

Vote for Drumanilra by checking in at the Farm Kitchen during the festival, tagging FestivalCrew and using the hashtag #BurgerFest 

Drumanilra Farm Kitchen hope to see you during the week and don’t forget they are open till 7pm on Fridays. Why not bring along a bottle of something nice to wash down your favourite burger!

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