Frybrook tops property price in Boyle

Frybrook House in Boyle has emerged as the most expensive property sold in the general Boyle area so far this year.

That’s according to details published on the Residential Property Price Register which states that Frybrook sold for €340,000.

Detailed as a “second hand dwelling house /apartment” it is understood that the sale, which took place in July this year, included the house and additional property including the Stone House cafe.

The next highest price on the register, outside the town but close to Boyle, is €355,000 for a “second hand dwelling house/apartment” in Finnor, Croghan.

The third highest price was €300,000 for what the register lists as a” second hand dwelling house/apartment” in Ballylugnagon, Boyle which sold in April.

The fourth highest of €295,000 was in Knockarush, Boyle for a “second hand dwelling house/apartment” which was sold in May of this year.

While the Register details certain sales as “second hand dwelling house/apartment” it is not know if some sales refer to land including houses.

The lowest price on the register was for “second hand dwelling house/apartment” on Termon Road in Boyle which sold for €15,000 in June 2018.


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