Irish Rail apologises

Irish Rail have apologised for overcrowding on the Dublin – Sligo line which runs through Boyle.

The overcrowding was also highlighted on on 22nd (see Boyle’d Pot)

It is understood a number of irate passengers contacted Irish Rail in relation to the overcrowding and in particular in relation to one particular instance on Friday.

According to Tweets by one passenger, the corridor of one of the carriages appeared to be full of luggage items, and weary passengers were standing.

 Irish Rail spokesperson Barry Kenny said the train had been reduced from a seven-carriage train to a four-carriage train on the Friday
service, and this was the reason for the overcrowding.

He said customers had reported their discomfort to Irish Rail and he apologised to customers for any discomfort they are experiencing.

He said there was a problem Friday evening with the availability of carriages for that service.

CIE are “reconsidering our fleet”, he said.

“We used to operate it as a six-carriage train, but we increased that to a seven-carriage train over the last few weeks. This evening it was brought down to a four-carriage train.”

He said the Dublin to Sligo service will resume as a seven-carriage train once again from Monday.

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