Boyle woman pens new book -‘Josie Saves the World’

‘Josie Saves the World’ is new book by Boyle author Brenda McGowan.

‘Josie had just one thing on her mind and that was how and when she would get her first ever smartphone. She never imagined that a chance encounter with a very wise old lady would see her dream come true!When the old lady passes away Josie realises there are other things far more important that she must focus upon. Armed with the old lady’s ‘Magic Book of Affirmations’ and with a little help from social media, Josie sets out on a mission to realise her friend’s dying wish. Would you like to help Josie? Follow along with her instructions inside and you too can help Josie make the world a better place’!

The book, Brenda’s first, has been receiving great reviews:

“Author Bea McGowan has weaved a contemporary parable suitable for the times. This simple story provides instructive, sensible principles that are accessible to young readers and highlights the importance of finding one’s voice to do good in the world” – The Children’s Book Review

Another Boyle native and highly acclaimed artist Sian Costello provides the illustrations for the book.

‘Josie Saves the World’ is available through priced at £12.10

You can purchase the book and read more here

It will also be stocked in Soul to Soul and Una Bhan Craft Shop in Boyle later this week.

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