New book ‘mind full of memories’ by Boyle native

‘mind full of memories’ is a tale of riveting adventures spanning over the course of 12 years and written by Boyle native and poet Roisin Taylor.

This collection of poetry invites the reader to join Róisín on a journey like no other. She begins with her wonderfully inspiring father-daughter trip in 2009, where the duo spend 5 weeks exploring Europe on their trusty motorbike; telling tales and painting incredible pictures in the form of poetry. From here you will be led into South East Asia, as she makes her way through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, humorously describing the ups and downs of such epic travels. Róisín brings you along on her incredible 3 week hike in the Himalayas, detailing the raw beauty of her surroundings for each day of this monumental trek.

With each poem you are enticed to follow onto the next adventure, with a sense of inclusion, Róisín makes you feel part of every story being told.

Originally from Greatmeadow, Boyle, Róisín lived and worked in various beautiful towns and villages along the west coast of Ireland for many years. It was during her time in the idyllic village of Doolin, Co. Clare when her inspiration and passion for writing took root. From the wild atlantic air and the stark beauty of the Burren, she drew it in and converted it into poetry, sharing her work only with close friends and family. In 2018 she found herself living in Stockholm, Sweden. It was here that her passion bloomed, inspired by the Scandinavian nature that was right on her doorstep.

Currently residing in London, Róisín set herself a goal at the beginning of 2021: to write a book by the end of the year. An avid traveller, she instinctively knew what that book was going to be; adventure poetry!

Róisín self-published mind full of memories on the 8th September 2021, outsourcing her own editor, cover designers, and illustrator, to create a stunning book. Her book is for sale on Amazon, with the option of a paperback and an e-book version.

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