Great praise for Boyle promotions

Many locals and visitors commented over the weekend on the great efforts that have been made in recent days to promote Boyle.

Noted were the production of a new tourist brochure, the launch of the shuttle bus and the erection of the welcome signs.

The signs associate Boyle with Moone Boy and indicate that the town has free parking.

They were erected in advance of the launch of the shuttle bus which took place on Saturday.

The attractive brochure, produced by the ambitious Boyle Town and More group and also launched on Saturday, lists accommodation, dining and entertainment, retail, local food and groceries, services, shuttle bus times and details 6 attractions in the town namely:

1.. Boyle Abbey

2. King House

3.Walking Trails

4. Boyle Model Railway

5. Boyle Farmers Market

6. Boyle Pleasure Grounds


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