Seeking information on family history

Dear Editor,

I am seeking some information on my family history from Islington, London and hope some viewers can assist.

It is possible that William STYLES 1792 -1874 with Robert MENZIES 1817- 1892 who were quality builders and carpenters I believe contracted in the construction of Rockingham House, one of the legends was the construction of a grand staircase.

Both went with their family and had children born in Ireland. I believe William’s brother John Styles daughters Mary Ann STYLES was born in Ireland 1815 – 1860  and later married Robert MENZIES. Robert MENZIES had 2 children born there. Mary Ann 1837 and William born 1838.

What I am looking for are records, but in the 50’s Rockingham House was destroyed by fire.

I am wondering if there is local or family history group can give me a lead. Does a Rockingham Estate in Roscommon still exist?

Yours sincerely,

Vic Styles from Southampton England [email protected]

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