The Boyle’d Pot

The Boyle’d Pot 12/2/’21

No CCTV system puts Boyle at a disadvantage

This week’s meeting of Roscommon Joint Policing Committee heard that CCTV in Roscommon town had been ‘critical in solving serious crimes.’ Senior Garda sources will tell you of the great resource a CCTV system is in towns like Roscommon, Castlerea and Carrick on Shannon in providing vital information on the movement of vehicles and criminals with an incident occurs. CCTV can also be a deterrent to criminals who will not target a town when they know they can be identified on camera. Boyle unfortunately is at a distinct disadvantage because we do not have such a system currently in place. Some time back, Boyle Town Team undertook initial work on the feasibility of making an application for funding for a system, but it is understood there were some business owners and individuals in the town who felt there was no need for a CCTV system as they were of the belief crime was low in the town and there were enough cameras on existing buildings already (!).
At that time, there was substantial grant aid available which unfortunately may not be the case today. In the meantime, we remain one of the few larger towns in the county and indeed the country without a CCTV system, much to the delight of the local and travelling criminal.


Tree cutting on Military Road

There has been much comment locally this week about the cutting down of a number of mature trees on Military Road. The trees, which were probably hundreds of years old, were very large in size and over hung the carriageway and footpath and may have been in a dangerous state. Their necessary felling will leave a major opening in this area, especially during the summer months when the trees gave a lovely feel to this major approach road to the town.


Covid figures are going the right way

Thankfully the Covid-19 figures are finally going the right way which is heartening for those of us who are adhering to the rules. Here in Boyle we have had a number of Covid cases, like every town and village in the country, but by in large our numbers are not the worst as the majority are doing as they are being advised to – wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing. We have local supermarkets in Boyle with hand washing facilities and some have military like checkpoints, especially at the weekends which is something you do not have in neighbouring towns.
The Boyle Local Electoral Area (Boyle L.E.A.) was in the news for all the wrong reasons earlier in the pandemic. But as has been stated many times here, the Boyle L.E.A. is not Boyle town – it is a large area that stretches afar with a population base of 21,831. Right now the Boyle L.E.A. has turned a corner, and has a 14 day incidence rate below the national average. We also gain some consolation, and hope (which we badly need), from the fact that, despite recording 14 new cases last night (Thursday), County Roscommon now has one of the lowest 5 day moving averages in the country.


A hotel model that could work in Boyle

The ongoing chant of ‘Boyle needs a hotel’ is as repetitive as the similar type sentence of the nineties – ‘Boyle needs a swimming pool’. Yes, we all agree that ‘Boyle needs a hotel’ but if we got one, would those same people who are continually telling us we need a hotel, support it? Or would they say the hotel is ‘too expensive’ or ‘sure you couldn’t afford to set foot in there’ or find some other reason to knock it? The overriding fact remains that a hotel will only come to Boyle if it is commercially viable to do so and to make it viable, prices in a traditional hotel will always be that bit higher.
When we do get a hotel, the chances are it will not be on the large scale some people think or would hope for. The 100 bedroom hotel with a function room for 300 is a distant memory – they are not financially viable.
What would work, and what we may see in Boyle, is a ‘Ryanair’ modelled tightly run, professionally managed boutique hotel with say twenty 4 star quality rooms in one building, serving continental breakfast only, employing 3-4 people with a leased out cafe/restaurant attached where you can purchase your food if you need it.
Like the aforementioned swimming pool, hotels, per se, are expensive to run. Those who are calling every day of the week for a hotel for Boyle need to understand this and be realistic with their comments.


And Finally….!

A Texan walks into a pub in Ireland..
Says ” I hear yall can drink…I got $500 Dollars says you cant drink 10 pints Guinness in a row…”
Silence, and then one Irishman leaves the pub.
10 minutes later, the Irishman comes back, and says its the bet still on?
Texan says hell yes
Irishman proceeds to drink 10 Guinness in a row, and collects his $500.
Texan says, If you don’t mind me asking, where did you go for 10 minutes?
Well, I went to the pub down the street to see if I could do it first…

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