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The Boyle’d Pot 6/7/’18

Compiling memories of the former Royal Hotel

Last Monday’s lead news story here on detailed ‘The Hotel’ – a public art project that will capture significant information and conversations about the significant role the Royal played in the lives of the people of Boyle. The project is not an opportunity to canvas for the old Royal to be reinstated as a hotel – that will not happen and people have it get used to the fact that if there is to be a hotel in Boyle, it will not be where the Royal building now stands. But back to the project. If you have any significant memories of the Royal Hotel, be it an event, something comical or historial or anything you would like to share about the building and those who graced it’s doors, please contact Carol McKeogh on 0868601121 or mail [email protected]. Greer and her team will be in Boyle on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th July and are anxious to now make appointments to meet people whose stories they will capture for an installation piece on the historic structure.


Boyle features in Roscommon People Plus magazine

A very interesting and well produced local publication is in your newsagent and filling station right now – for free. The ‘Roscommon People Plus’ magazine is a glossy high quality publication running to 112 pages packed full of news relevant to the county, including many items from Boyle. Dan Dooner pens an article on young Boyle entrepreneurs Jake Kennedy and Jack Murphy. Seamus Duke looks back at how Roscommon GAA toppled the Kingdom forty years ago with some characteristically comical comments from Gerry Emmett. Boyle Arts Festival PRO Brendan McGee talks about his summer memories and there is a full listing of summer events in the county including the Boyle Summer Show and Boyle Arts Festival (unfortunately ‘Rock the Clock’ was not included). The magazine is a great read and one that friends and family abroad would love to get a copy of.


Unjustified remarks about the Local Authority

The great work that Roscommon County Council are presently undertaking for Boyle has been remarked on favourably by the majority of the residents of the town. We now have a regular visit by the road sweeper, grass verges are well maintained, the town footpaths and public places have received a powerwash, work is ongoing at the Doon Shore and the problems with flooding at Assylinn have been remedied as promised. Add to all this the fact that the local authority stepped up to the mark and purchased the former Royal Hotel when no one else was interested with plans now in the pipeline for it’s future (the hotels future use is included in the Boyle 2040 plan that should launch later in the summer). Against a background of all this hard work and close cooperation with the public in Boyle, it was outrageous to see cheap pot shots being taken online in Boyle last Monday at the Council (not on Making a joke of Roscommon Co Co must be very disheartening not alone to the Executive but to the management and staff here in Boyle who are doing their utmost to ensure we all have a better town in which to work and live. The comments say more about those who authored them than it does about the Council itself.


Ray Darcy show to broadcast from Boyle

Let’s hope the sun continues to shine on Boyle’s Lough Key Forest Park this day week (June 13th) when the Ray Darcy show will broadcast live between 3pm and 4pm. The broadcast is part of a promotion for ‘Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands’ brand which includes Roscommon and Boyle. Ray will broadcast every day next week from a key location in the heartlands. Let’s hope those interviewed use the opportunity to promote Boyle and all it has to offer in a positive light.


Footpath buckles in hot temperatures

The current heatwave is reminiscent of the summer’s of old when long hot days and warm nights were part of growing up. The fresh smell of cut grass, hay being baled, seeing children swimming at the Doon Shore and the smell of melting tar are sights and events associated with summers of old in Boyle. But even though the days were hot back then, they didn’t reach the temperatures of last week and the footpath’s did not ‘buckle’ as happened opposite Nell Lynch’s on the Sligo Road. The paths were not made for road temperatures in excess of 50 degrees celsius which we had last week resulting in the ‘buckling’ .


Painting of key buildings in Boyle

The painting of the former McDonagh’s shop on the corner of Main Street and Bridge Street is ongoing. The importance of having this building freshly painted and looking good can not be over emphasised. It’s strategic location and sheer size makes it important to the overall look of the town. Hopefully other building owners will follow suit and avail of the Cherry Picker that is in town to get a repaint of their building – occupied or not. And remember, a town center building colour guide is available free of charge in Una Bhan Tourism in the grounds of King House for assistance in choosing a colour before you paint.


And finally….!

A heavy gambler at the races had lost every bet. Then he noticed a Priest step onto the track and bless one of the horses before a race. Lo and behold the horse won.
Next race the Priest stepped onto the track and blessed one of the horses. The gambler dashed for a window and placed a bet on the horse. Even though it was a long shot, the horse won the race.
He collected his winnings and waited to see which horse the Priest would bless next. He bet big and it won. As the races continued the Priest kept blessing long shots which all won.
The gambler made a dash to the ATM, withdrew everything and waited for the Priest’s blessing to tell him which horse to bet on. The Priest stepped onto the track and blessed an old nag that was the longest shot of the day. The Priest blessed the eyes, ears and hooves of the horse.
The gambler bet every penny he had. He watched dumbfounded as the horse came last. In a state of shock, he went to the Priest and said ‘Father! What happened? All day you blessed horses and they won. Then in the last race, the horse you blessed came last. Now I’ve lost everything’.
The Priest nodded and said. ‘Son that’s the problem with not attending Church, You can’t tell the difference between a blessing and last rites’.

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