Virtual Slimming World groups now operational

The ever popular Slimming World group in Boyle is continuing to meet throughout the Covid -19 crisis – but for now, online as opposed to in person.

According to Slimming World consultant Tracy King who runs the Boyle group:  “Our groups bring people together in the heart of their communities, to support and inspire one another every week. In these anxious times, the community spirit and the genuine care we provide has never been more important. We’ve had countless messages from members who are genuinely distressed at losing their group and their weight loss lifeline, who are already missing the camaraderie each week, and who desperately want to hang on to the changes they have made towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle. So we’ve done our very best to put a new ‘virtual group’ in place which gives our members the same practical help, caring support and friendship they’ve come to rely on”.

“The new package will include access to a weekly ‘virtual’ group using video conferencing. I will host the local group and invite members to join from home to continue to get support to make healthier food choices and find new ways to stay active indoors. The emphasis will be on building and staying in control of healthy new lifestyle habits when it might not be as easy as it is under normal circumstances – helping members find ways to make groceries go a bit further, and easy ways to shop, cook and eat healthily at a time when access to food is changing. Slimming World’s unique formula built on compassion, care and understanding, bringing a welcome bit of light in hard times, will be more important now than ever before. All of this will be combined with ongoing use of social media, and access to Slimming World’s app and member-only website LifelineOnline, which will provide them with all the practical help they need, as well as advice about how to stay physically active and psychologically strong”.

In response to a number of queries from members, Tracy has drawn up the following Frequently Asked Questions and some answers:

🔴Is my Slimming World group still running?

YES indeed they are BUT we are not running physical group gatherings instead we are NOW running virtual groups for members to attend as part of a new temporary package which means we can still provide Image Therapy and continue to support members, offering them most of the same resources we did before we had to close our groups.

🟣Do I have to attend a virtual group to be part of the group?

Absolutely not. The virtual groups are great fun and you’ll find loads of inspiration and motivation there but we know the online thing is not for everyone so, just like it was always an option to “weigh and go”, that option is still there. Members can still take advantage of the new package and all it’s resources including support from me their Consultant without attending the virtual groups.

🟠What’s the cost?

€4 per week (€16 every 4 weeks)
Target members are free and the usual rules apply.
Members who work for the HSE get their memberships for free at the moment (Just need to see your HSE ID or ID number)
Members on countdowns can still use those countdowns and for every week they had left on that countdown will be doubled for free while we’re running this temporary package.

🟡I don’t have scales at home, can I still be part of a group?

Yes! We can support you throughout this whole tricky time whether you are weighing at home or not – We will pop a maintain in each week for now.

🟢I’d like to come back to group…is that still possible now?

We’d love you to! If you still have your pack and you just want to rejoin you can come back with no joining fees. Just give me a shout!

🔵I’ve never been before…can I join now and how much would it cost?

Absolutely! Right now as distance is no object you could actually join any group or Consultant you wanted to. The cost would be €8 which includes your first week and a new pack will be sent to you, or just €4 if you already have a pack to use and don’t need a new one to save postage costs 😄

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions please do get in touch – Tracy 086 3891600

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