Vodafone to rectify ‘fault’ in Boyle phone coverage

In recent days, has been contacted by a number of viewers wondering if other Vodafone customers in the Boyle area are having problems with their mobile phone service.

The viewers complained of not receiving calls or when they get a call, there seems to be no one on the other end with a missed call message then being received. Others complained of general bad reception in the area and the frustration of contacting the company with suggestions of changing SIM card etc being given. contacted Vodafone’s Corporate Affairs and External Communications Department on Tuesday and outlined the dissatisfaction customers were having in Boyle with their service.

On Thursday we received a reply from the company stating: “We have identified a fault on the site serving the Boyle area which has been causing intermittent service issues. Our field engineers are working on resolving this issue today (Thursday) so service can be restored as soon as possible. We apologise for this interruption and thank customers for their patience”.

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