Boyle Celtic fuel draw winners

The 2017 Boyle Celtic Fuel Draw took place on Friday night in Mattimoe’s Bar.

Thanks to Joe Ryan and Barry Simon for looking after all in attandance.

Winners as follows:

1st 500 L Oil – Jenna Sheridan
2nd Trailer Turf – Anna Toman
3rd 10 bags Black Diamond – Brendan Tiernan
4th 20 Eco Brite – Micheline Tiernan
5th The Chainsaw – Olive Roe
6th 10 Cosy Glo – Catherine Flaherty
7th Car Service – Joe Rooney
8th 2 Cylinders Gas – Hannah O Donohoe

Sponsors : Stewarts Oil, Joe Simon, Arigna Fuels, East Bros, Cartys Garage, Tulsk Fuels

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