‘Good Mercy’ – Barry Feely’s fifth book goes on sale

Barry Feely retired as Managing Director of Feelystone in 2000, finally laying down his tools for health reasons in 2015. In doing so he picked up his pen and has written a number of books about his beloved town of Boyle. They Dared to Challenge (2016) and We are the Survivors (2018), preceded by Great Characters (2010) and A Life in Stone (2014).  Now his latest book Good Mercy (2021) is another publication which reflects his love of place, family, faith and gratitude. The iconic foundations and events that have helped chisel his core values are reflected in his success and in focusing on making a happy life.

The closure of the Convent of Mercy Boyle on the 28th April 2017 caused much regret and recalled many memories and stories down through the generations since its foundation in 1875. Barry’s book goes behind the scenes to find the stories of the Sisters’ lives. He writes the book as a tribute to the nuns, acknowledging the great work they did in building the Boyle community through education and industry at their Convent.

Barry brings us from the arrival of the nuns in Boyle in 1875 – with facts, anecdotes and humour – up to the present day where he reflects “As I returned to stand in the shade of the big copper beech, and looked up into its canopy, it reminded me of Gaudi’s magnificent trusses in the ceiling of the Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) in Barcelona, Spain. Suddenly, I was brought back to reality with the patter of little feet. I then heard the babble and laughter of little children as they played behind the old dairy shed. It was Anne and May (soon to be joined by their brother Tom), playing under the watchful eye of their parents, David and Lorraine Kelly, the new owners. A new order is born – life and the river flow on!”

In light of the current Covid situation, Barry Feely has made a decision not to have a formal launch of his new book. However signed copies of Good Mercy – The Life & Times of the Mercy Nuns building Boyle Community – will be on sale this Saturday 20th November from 2 to 4pm at Feelystone, Boyle. Also on sale will be ‘The Undercover Cats’, a book by Barry’s granddaughter Róisín Feely, age 12! 

The book will also go on sale in Kelly’s Londis, at Boyle Craft Shop in the grounds of King House and online at https://boylecraftshop.com. The book will retail at €15. 


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