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Key Roscommon statistics published

The Western Development Commission has published a series of infographics showing sixteen key statistics for each of seven counties under the WDC remit and for the Western Region including Roscommon.

The statistics highlighted on the infographics show county information and characteristics in an accessible and lively way.

The data is from the CSO’s Census of Population in 2016.

In Roscommon :

  • The population of the county is 64,544
  • 16.6% are over 65 and 21.2% are under 15
  • 73.2% live in rural areas
  • 35.7% have a third level qualification
  • 9% work in agriculture
  • 57.4% are in very good health
  • 59.9% are in the Labour Force
  • 12.8% work in industry
  • Average travel time to work is 26.4 minutes

You can view the infographic here

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