Launch of charity single on Saturday

This Saturday evening May 16th, from 7pm in Mattimoe’s Bar on Bridge Street, a host of talented local musicians will perform a range of music for your entertainment. The highlight however will be the public unveiling of the new song, “Land of Austerity”, written and performed by Boyle’s own Paul Byrne.

The event is being co-ordinated by Paul and local volunteers from the Boyle Right2Water group. All proceeds from the song and from the raffle on Saturday night are being donated to homeless, depression and suicide prevention charities.

Spokesperson for Boyle Right2Water, Eddie Conroy told;

“We are very proud of Paul’s efforts in writing this fantastic song, the words of which will resonate with every citizen who has been affected by austerity in this country. Paul is one of the founder members of Right2Water in Boyle. The Right2Water group is as much a challenge to austerity in general, as it is to water charges. The numbers affected by Homelessness and Suicide have rocketed due to the governments ruthless austerity policies. Ironically or maybe sadistically, the government have also made savage cuts to funding for the essential services, groups and volunteers who work with both homelessness, depression and suicide.

I hope everyone who possibly can, will support these great causes and donate on the night, buy tickets for the raffle or donate on line at:
Give whatever you can afford.

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