Have your say on local water quality at an open meeting

Members of the public in the Boyle Municipal District are being encouraged to give their views on water quality through an open meeting that will be held as part of the public consultation on the draft River Basin Management Plan.

The online meeting for the Boyle and Roscommon M.D.’s will take place on Wednesday March 2nd at 7.30pm  It will include both an overview of the national plan and local information on the Upper Shannon Catchment.

There will be two brief presentations, followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion on any of the issues raised. There will also be guidance on how to make a submission on the Draft River Basin Management Plan for Ireland 2022 – 2027.

The draft River Basin Management Plan sets out an increased ambition for water quality is managed in Ireland. . There are 4,842 water bodies in Ireland, organised in 46 catchment areas and 54 % of all waterbodies are considered to be at risk of not meeting Water Framework Directive objectives by 2027.

A number of pressures are impacting water quality including agriculture, hydromorphology (physical changes), urbanisation and waste water treatment. The draft Plan also takes account of the impacts of climate change on our water and biodiversity.

You can register here

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