Seeking Scanlon relatives in Boyle

Good Morning.
I am a granddaughter of Boyle, seeking information on my aunts and uncles.  I thought that the restaurant would be a source of leads, but I read now that it is closed.  Is that correct that it is closed?   Were there still Scanlons’ involved?

I am coming to Boyle in Sept 2015 on a heritage hunt.  I did a lot of work in December  2010 with Sligo Heritage Centre, but alas the Bar was closed for the Christmas holidays.  Now I am trying to find living people to have a pint with in late Sept 2015.

My grandmother lived with her aunt Margaret at number 10 The Crescent in 1901 (when she was 15) before she left for America. That’s the last link we have to Roscommon.  Anyone know what happened to Aunt Margaret and her daughter Margaret and her grandchildren? I would love to meet them.

Are there any viewers who may have known Margaret’s family?

I am also looking for the children Patrick Scanlon & Nora Hannon, married in Keash in 1906, Julia’s brother and Patrick O’Connor and Mary Scanlon, married in Keash in 1904, Julia’s sister.

Thank you.

Joyce Lunney
Julia Scanlon’s grandaughter.
Joyce Marie <[email protected]>

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