Status Yellow wind warning issued

Met Eireann has issued a Status Yellow wind warning for all of Ireland in advance of Storm Elsa.

The warning is valid from 12 noon until 23.59pm on Wednesday 18th.

Southeast winds, later veering southerly will gust 90-110km/h on Wednesday, strongest in coastal areas.

The Donegal Weather Channel added the following weather advisory:

On Wednesday storm Elsa which was named by the Portuguese Met Office on Monday is expected to move northwards with the center of the storm located just of the southwest of Ireland around 18:00hrs Wednesday. As the center of the depression moves northwards close to the west coast of Ireland it will under go rapid cyclogenesis which is a quick fall in pressure in a very short period of time leading to stronger gusts of wind.

Much of the models indicate this occurring with a possible sting jet which is a small area of very intense winds (often 100mph (160km/hr or more) that can sometimes form in powerful weather systems crossing the Ireland and the UK . Relative to the size of the storm, the sting jet is narrow, often 30 miles across, and only lasts 1 to 4 hours.

Wind could gust high enough across the west for a red warning to be issued for a short period on Wednesday evening.

Current peak times for these strong winds will be between 16:00hrs Wednesday and 02:00hrs Thursday.

Very strong gale force winds can be expected on all coastal waters of Ireland on Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night with winds possibly reaching strong Gale force 9 and reaching storm force 10 for a time in southwestern, western and northwest coastal waters.

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